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One-Stop Referral & Recommendations Platforms

Making use of  Five Hubs Referrals and/or Recommendations platforms 

With a more guided hand approach that helps you to find all the

Skill Sets, People, Networks, Solutions or whatever is needed..


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This helps us evaluate needs and requirements, allowing us to better match and facilitate the requirements, using our database of solutions providers 

Dependent on the nature of the enquiries average consultation

last 10 to 15 minutes

For more basic requirements / requests..

Up to 1 hour for more in-depth conversation relevant to enquiries  

Typical call back waiting times, vary between 10 and 15 minutes


Referral & Recommendations platforms, with a guided hand approach..
Helping B to B and Entrepreneur, as well as people in general.. to find the products, opportunity and/or services they need.


Acting as a go-between, and conduit..  

Facilitating the requirements of service users to service providers or the other way round..


We can help you find the People, Networks, Solutions

and much much more... 


Five primary Hubs and our networks in..

Categories Include


(Resources & Solutions)

Categories Include


(Coaches & Mentors)

Categories Include


(Designers & Creators)

Categories Include


  (Strategies & Planners)  




Categories Include


 (Developers & Organising)

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Five Hubs Quick (Questions & Answers) Q&A

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How we see the Problem..

How we offer the Solutions through our Methods


The Problems -

People are spending too much time, money and effort trying to find right individuals, companies and organisations

to support their ideas.. 


It takes too long to find the right steps to take when developing ideas..


It is often far too stressful looking for satisfactory resolutions or finding the things you need when you need them 

Our Solutions - 

We and Five Hubs offered a guided hand approach, with all the right referral and recommendations needed 


We work closely with individuals, companies and organisations

offering step-by-step solutions to finding the right outcomes


We make it simple more straightforward and cost-effective finding the right solutions whenever required 

Our Method - 

Through our database, networks and solutions thinking.. we find the best people needed 


Through our system of matching peoples needs with the right individuals, companies and organisations 


With our membership availabilities we offer greater value, across a wide range of products, services and opportunities providers


Finding solutions is our purpose


Making it simple is our aim 


Putting people first is the objective


Providing referral and recommendation solutions is our business


Recommendations a across five primary sectors / hubs 

Offering everything you need in Business - Personal - Creative - Marketing and Social 


Backed by supporting platform 

Mentorship Enterprise 

With a the coaches and mentors across the same five primary sectors 


As well as our Facilitators London Website platform

Providing all the websites and social media design development and management services 



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Please Note 

Platforms 3 & 1 Platform are currently under further development


We also apologise that things are a bit slow 

it's been a topsy-turvy year 

Hope everyone stays safe and well 

Best Regards 


Five Hubs & 3 Platforms 1 Purpose   

Stay safe..

And still do more finding the right solutions that work for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the ways we can help you?

- Our Free Consultation - Development Solutions Support - Development Tools, Planning & Strategy - Roadmap Development Solutions - Physical & Virtual / Online Training / Mentoring Classes Seminars & Sessions - Our guiding hand approach to Referrals & Recommendations - Our Solutions Based Thinking.. JUST A FEW OF THE WAYS WE CAN HELP Book now to see how we can help you Follow the link to reserve your call-back or text Call-Back to 07472 710050 With your name & availability please For more always on how we help Book your free no obligation consultation now

What are some of our Development Solutions?

Marketplace - Courses & mentorships services available through our networks and opportunity providers Online courses and seminars designed to help individual development Advertising - FH promotional efforts and advertising FH networks promotions and advertising Facilities - Spaces available through our networks to buy - rent - lease or other opportunities Space for our networks to advertise there available spaces Business - Starting out solutions Personal - Enhancement solutions Creative - Design solutions Marketing - Strategies solutions Social - Panning solutions Looking for Development Solutions Book your Free No Obligation Consultation See how we can help

What are some of the B to B Sectors and People we help?

Restaurants - Cafes - Bars - Coffee - Shops Retail & Ecommerce Professional Services & Providers Entertainment & Performers Healthcare & Medical Technology & Software Colleges - Universities - Schools Catering & Events Hotels & Hospitality Emergency - Law Enforcement - Security Caregivers / Assisted Living Call Centres - Customer Support Volunteers - Non-Profit Financing & Financial Support sectors Social Media & Web Development sectors We help almost everybody Book a call to see how we can help you

What to find on our Blog Page?

Not as well love and some of the other pages but equally as important for learning a bit more about us our collaboration, networks, services availabilities thoughts / interests and much more Learn how you can contribute to our Blog Page

Five Hubs About Us and why We Do It?

For more About Us - follow the link Five Hubs (FH) Why do it - Believing in doing more for others is the inspiration behind the platforms, lending a helping hand finding solutions to see that people save time, money and effort doing the things they love.. Providing the people, networks and solutions needed assist others to achieve their goals and desires People helping people is the driving passion behind the Five Hubs & 3 platforms 1 purpose

Bit of info about the Other Pages on this site?

Facilitators Page - Collaborator / Keys Supporters & Service Providers in our networks & database Follow the link to learn more about our Facilitators Facilities Page - Some great locations, spaces & availabilities Open to buy, rent or possible collaborations Follow the link to learn more about our Facilities availability GUIDED HAND APPROACH TO THE THINGS PEOPLE WANT AND NEED Advertising Page - Some of the discounts & promotions currently running through our networks & collaborations Or just us giving back a bit more Also a space for advertising, cummings, promo-codes, podcasts, service providers, options & availability etc Follow the link to learn more about our Advertising availability What's in it for you Page - This page let you know that we've missed, if we haven't covered it in this list.. All the features, benefits opportunities & availabilities, plus so much more we do to give back We believe in helping people get more.. Follow the link to learn more about What's In It For You Page Membership Page - Our members in the world to us but we made memberships affordable and accessible for everyone how needs them From our Yearly Membership of £120 or Our Three-Month Membership £45 Plus our more in-depth £50 Per Month Membership Plus.. perfect for someone needing more regular consultations with a more guided hand approach ongoing Visit our Membership Page to learn more FLEXIBLE, CONVENIENT, PAYMENT SYSTEMS, METHODS AND OPTIONS

A Bit About 3 Platforms 1 Purpose?

1- Five Hubs - Our main umbrella website covering all the different pages listed and divided primarily into Five sectors / Hubs in Business - Personal - Creative - Marketing - Social For more information book a free consultation "click this link" We make referrals & recommendations simple more straightforward, less time-consuming & more afford Greater accessibility to the things you need “our networks are your net-worth" 2- Facilitators London Websites - Our mean Web Design & social media management platform, dealing with all your creative needs & social media design & development requirements 3- Mentorship & Enterprise - Our main mentors and coaches platform for all your mentorship & coaching requirements, across a wide sector our networks & availability NETWORKING FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE 3 PLATFORMS 1 PURPOSE.. Bringing you what you need.. when you need it

If you have an idea, product or service that you like to see included

Don't hesitate to let us know

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James Britain

A great alternative to all the other referral services, they helped me find the things I needed in

identifying my requirements on a personal level.


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(Are you looking Fundraising Above 25K

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Walk-through Course)

Five Hubs

Business Funding Development Course - BFDC


Designed to take you from start to finish Increasing your chances of getting the funding you need Step-by-step guides Questionnaires and Answers Walk-throughs Development Strategies tools Marketing Development Plans and target audience acquisitions strategy

This and much more.. All brought together to make the process simple and straightforward getting all your information together for your funding applications and business development needs


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inclusions and exclusions

More information plus what you need to sign up for this great opportunity


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Discounts of up-to 10% available for existing members or those wishing to sign-up and take advantage of our discounts and promotional offers.. including our 

New Funding Solutions Development Course

Five Hubs & 3 Platforms 1 Purpose   

Simple As 1.2.3


Get in touch (let's talk) Use any of our Contact Points & see how we can help (it's good to talk)


Assess needs & requirements Tell us what you're looking for Your (needs and requirements)


Match needs & requirements

We find you the (best solutions)

That get you the (best resolutions)

If you need anything

Send us a quick message, request a call-back

To book your free consultation

Why Our Memberships

With memberships that help you go further 
Adding greater benefits, value features and solutions 
All designed to help you.. achieve more goals and objectives 

£140 / £11.6 Per Month


Best One Year Membership 

Perfect for trying us out to see how our benefits can suit you and your needs 

£60 / £2.14 Per Day


Per Month Membership Plus Plan

Ideal for those who need a more regular guided hand approach to finding the things they need. Those wanting to benefit the most from all our membership has to offer

£65 / £21.6 Per Month


3 Months Membership Plan 

For a more casual but equally beneficial way of using our memberships and networks


Created with the purposes of helping people to do more.. 

Building with individual in mind, all to help people make their lives simple and more straightforward by finding them the services and solutions people want but without all the signposting, or being passed around..

Without all the stress, headache and time lost..


We at Five Hubs has you covered