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Five Hubs is a skill sets referral network, providing you greater opportunities for you to do more with your

Skill-Sets and Abilities

We also help find the skills sets you need,

As an when you need them.

Five Hubs connects you with trustworthy, and reliable companies, organisations and individuals,

To get the most out of what you need to get done.

Helping individuals and small groups find the Confidence. Independent Key Skills.
Develop out of the box Lateral Thinking.
With our encouragement and motivation all the way. Encouraging self belief and courage needed to do more.



My name is Curtis Fryer - CF 

I am the Director and Founder of

Five Hubs & 3 Platforms 1 Purpose..

Facilitators London Websites

Mentorship Enterprise

Headed by our Main Platform Five Hubs

The principle and purpose of these and my other platforms is primarily to match the needs and requirements of service users, products, opportunities

and services providers.

Facilitating ease-of-use referral and recommendation process, with guided hand approach, to matching the needs and requirements of others


I am a creative solutions based thinker

Always eager to find new innovations and ways to help and support others

Designing, developing and creating are my passions


Building from the ground up

This principle of People Helping People


Please feel free to get in touch

My main contact number 07472-710050 - Email me at 



Like to learn more about me
Please feel free to drop me a Call, Text or Email


Our freelance team is a dedicated group who thinks the same and aspire to doing more for others



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Administrative Coordinator & Project Management 




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Lead Business  Development & Networking Manager




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Freelance Assistant - P/A

Collaborations & Management


Our Vision is to make these 

NEW Platforms

a place for connecting with other SKILLED professional individuals to facilitate dreams, desires, aspirations and/or ideas. 

Sharing, connecting, building, creating and helping facilitating needs.


These are platforms for everyone who wants to connect with other SKILLED individuals to help facilitate desires and/or inspiration, be it in Business, Personal, Creative, Marketing and/or Social

This great new FIVE HUBS with its 3 Platform 1 Purpose, and our guided hand approach, is here to help you build, connect utilise all the potential’s and/or opportunities available in this


We are not just another SKILL SET referral network.

It is our idea of taking an individual on a journey towards understanding their skill sets. But also creating greater visibility, variety and opportunities to do more of the things people love and enjoy.

Bring the joy and satisfaction back into doing what we naturally want to do and not the requirements that life necessarily compels us to do.

We have designed our network to focus across five main sectors or Hubs. Business, Personal, Creative, Marketing and Social.

Take a holistic view towards each individual, "of mind & body,

health & well-being"

Offering products, services, opportunities and much more varieties, tailored to individual needs.

Free consultations to each and every persons to assess their Individual requirements and aspirations toward their Skill Sets or there needs and always help to find what they are looking for.

We can help to evaluate wants, requirements, creating the necessary processes, networks and/or referrals to find them the people, organisations and companies.

Providing the systems and methods is key to assisting them in there pursuits and aspirations to do more with there abilities.

We help people to do more by acting as referrals, creating and enhance networks, supporting people ideas, that Skill Sets matter.

Facilitating stronger connections between what a person wants or needs.

Business Hub

Ever wanted to get ahead in business and never found the time to get round to making the plans or organising and preparing the necessary steps

to take your business reach the next level We’ve got you covered with a wide range of classes, courses, events and much more to help you stay on track and improve your business.

Personal Hub


Personal needs means a whole lot of different things to a lot of different people at we take what you find personally and seriously.

We help you find and make the best personal choices with our wide range of trusted contacts and selection of personal choice

In our new Personal Hub Anything that is personal to you is personal to us.

Creative Hub


Have you got a creative spark or idea/interest but never seem to find the time to get round to making that creative side of you? Are you always in a rush?  Never knowing what to do with that creative ideas you have at we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of creative people with so many places to express your art and creativity to help you make the best of the creative you.

Marketing Hub


Marketing matters let us help you get the best choice in marketing, advertising and much more about marketing news

Let us help you find the best spaces, places and trends in marketing at we take the hassle out of doing marketing in a busy city like London 

By offering a wide selection of marketing courses, classes and events/promotions Find your choice of professionals here first.



Social Hub


Ever wanted to book your own nightclub or arrange your own event or function? Have you ever thought about getting your own DJ and limousine driver to organise the best party ever 

Has got you covered

With its wide range of trusted contacts in an ever-growing social circle.

We apologise for the slow response of our web site platform.. we are having technical difficulties with the server response time, I hope to fix this as soon as possible. Greatly appreciate your patience


Utilising skill sets with trustworthy and reliable companies, organisations and individuals.

We tailor and create products and services that are unique for you,

finding the values that matter.

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