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Unique place for skill sets.

We are trying to build a unique place for Skill Sets.

A place where skills and abilities matter.

A home where we treat the individual and what they aspire to do at the heart of what we do.

Question: Why do skill sets and abilities matter to you?

Answer: How you are and equally how important what you aspire to be.

The things you want , your dreams, wishes and desires that we are all fundamentally born with. An innate ability or skill set to do something.

Some of us can do things “good”, some “very good” and some have an “excellent” skill set and/or ability to do endless things amazingly.

I myself have struggled for many years to learn what I am “good” at and what my skill sets and abilities can lead and aspire me to be.

After years of battling myself and struggling to find my footing in the world I came to the store conclusion of what I like. A lot of people are trying to do what I may not really want to do or not very good at doing. It’s frustrating to myself, as a lot of us do it with the notion of what we are doing with our lives.

Finally I came to the conclusion that If skill sets matter with who I am then fundamentally a skill set that I need is to enhance myself and more importantly try to encourage others to do the same. Life is not only about doing good for yourself but is trying to remind others of the capabilities they have within themselves to do good for others.

I have designed the five hubs platform to utilise the fact that we all try to do more or should always endeavour to try to do the best that we can with what we have, where we are and with the people we have around us.

Everyone must utilise their skill sets, they must strengthen their abilities and enhance the things they need to make themselves better.

We must understand the fundamentals of who we are in order to be a better version of who we should be.

Help us by building this platform to be a place where all are included an inclusive because skill sets matter.

Support us to grow so we can build a network necessary to show London and the rest of the world that with the right help and assistance anyone in this world can aspire to do more with their skill sets and abilities, that is all what they need, and specially with the right amount of help and guidance.

Not forgetting a good amount of perseverance and determination.. ...

Provide us your assistance, your time, your experience your views and your opinions and most importantly help us raise the funds necessary to build this project.

We are all here in this crazy city together.

I myself would love to see people do more and to try to help others to do more, in our home our London.

We all have a network and people around us that should and could be the next big step in your life or in the lives of someone who needs your assistance, to show them the right way to utilise their skill sets and to do more with their abilities.

Share this idea and together further enhance the reach of this Five hubs platform and what it offers.

We have already made a great start creating a really good network of trustworthy and reliable individuals, companies and organisations who are willing to work with us on this idea, vision and mission to see London our home do more to help those who have less than ourselves.

Homelessness and unemployment is at an all time high in this country and worldwide.

If we do not take more active steps to stem the flow of what is becoming an epidemic, this country our home place where we raise our families will face a bleak and will not be a all time favourable life.

Both unemployment and homelessness is a rowing reality. People losing sight of what they are and further losing all that they have founded not just financially, but also physically, mentally and emotionally And they are just normal people like us.

Help us spread the message by following us on social media and sharing us to your friends, family and like-minded individuals.

Please help us raise the funds in order to pay for the essential cost of building this platform and for necessary ongoing resources to see this project become a success. Help us build this dream of a better future So others can learn,enhance and aspire to do more with their skill sets and abilities.

Help us find the people, not just those who need our assistance but also the ones who can offer their assistance to those who need it the most.

Help us build a network with trustworthy, reliable companies,organisations and individuals so we can offer a honest and transparent service.

Those trusted, reliable companies organisations and individuals must be committed about doing what is right for those who need it most by offering fair services and products. They must be tailored to the individual needs, offering their expertise and experiences about their skill set and abilities.

Creating a stronger and better referrals network for those who need it the most.

Writing By

Curtis Fryer (ALA) Hobo Ronin

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