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Art Of War Strategy

Driving the perceived enemy or adversary into a pacific position that is advantageous or ideal to your objectives. 

The socialist and the capitalist have both been set against each other in order for a particular objective.. in this narrative.

Forced into driving factors of world economy and social orders,  putting them against each other, in order to form a new line in the sand so they as a minority can control the majority.. 

Creating factionalism, fracturing society into pieces and the idea that there is two primary social orders, primarily trying to vie for the political interests of the people and the prosperity of the world, Where it is in actuality, 

It is but diabolical ideology and subsequent strategy out of art of war principles, put into practice.. By encouraging, creating, sponsoring and/or promoting, two distinct camps.. 

So then, in there in feuding and fighting over there, received political interest will naturally create enough instability, chaos and anarchy

Then this methodology can then start to be best utilised to benefit a class divide,

Of basically privilege generational class of Minorities 

So they can capitalise and benefit from this type of strategy,.. 

Over what would naturally become an increasingly divided and fractured Majority.

This Art Of War strategy of divide and conquer is as old as time itself. It simply takes a moment to sit back and appreciate its diabolical nature and the aspects that drive people to think that this methodology is something worth pursuing. When in actuality it is the detriment to the entire world, and all its denizens.

We must all start to recognise that socialism, capitalism, communism, and all the other isms and schisms of the world do not work, or cannot work. If we do not deal with the underlying issues and problems that face all the systems of governance and practices and principles of societal control.

Systemic corruption at the heart of every problem is the issue. If we do not deal with the corruption, the entire infrastructure, whatever we build cannot stand upon any validation for corruption, only grows and rots the entire core structure of any method of governance, or practice in principle of rule.. For prosperity cannot come, 

If we do not deal with the underlying issues and problems that always call them.

If we do not root out corruption and demand transparency with the necessity of clear and honest democracy, Capitalism that is afforded to those who can be trusted, Not systematically doled out to anyone, wishing to make a profit of the Ideology of Capitalism

Subsequently, communism and socialism. 

These systems are perfectly adequate if they are not corrupted or coerced in such a manner that they benefit only a Minority over the prosperity of the Majority.

We only need to go back in history to see clearly.

There will come a time in this world, where we all look back and wonder how the stupidity of some managed to infect the entire planet.. To a tipping point that brought it to the detriment of all, and we had to start the whole process all over again, For the annihilation naturally came from the profiteering mentality, and the social demographics that were left on checked because the corruption that caused it was not dealt with in its absolute, or in any fashion throughout the generations.. Instead, it was allowed to grow and infect every aspect of our world. Now it’s a plague upon us, the infectious nature of greed and insidious aspects of those who would seek to oppress us all to have their privilege percentage maintained over the Majority.

The ridiculous ideologies of some, 

Now stands to be the cataclysm that causes the entire destruction of all of us.

We must all learn to come together and decide the best directions and conclusions

Not simply speculate, like little children at a gate, unable to enter the classroom for fear of the new experiences.. all the aspects of dealing with other human-beings like it’s so fundamentally challenging, Instead we all need to start embracing and recognising that we all share and inhabit this one home planet, and if we do not come together and put aside often petty indifferences and learn to utilise this mechanisms and strategies that have benefit us and put aside, the ones that are destroying us.

Then we all have had a hand, in some small facet of the systematic destruction of Earth and its Resources, Through complacency, lack of interaction in the process, or simply sitting back, 

Making it Ideal conditions for the ones who are prolifically and determinately, 

destroying this world in its entirety.. 

All for a percentages and ideology 

We need to get away from these Art of War strategies and start to work collectively 

There is still a little time left on the clock and what we have is surely not a lot to fix what massive problems the rot has caused through the unchecked corruption and systematic abuse of the systems.. that was all put in place over countless generations passed with all its  pointless Wars, fighting for neglected liberties 

and Magna Carta, like charts

That we now are willing to so easily giveaway today, to the 1% that would seeks to be the 

Like Lord Protector and Worldwide Saviour.. Believing they’re doing a world a favour..

Where in actuality is nothing, but a pervasive art of war mentality.. 

Divide and conquer strategies

Every way in every day, a step closer to something like a..

George Orwell's, dystopian reality. 

Slowly stripping the world of morals and sanity.. Leading us inexorably and inevitably..

To what anyone can see.. The total totalitarian unnecessary, all for a Minority

It is practically a type of insanity. 

Curtis Fryer 


Hobo Ronin 

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