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Simple Things

Example: We save you time

  • Reducing the amount of time spent looking for the right referrals & recommendations (our needs)

  • Reduce the amount of time spent looking through countless websites find the right people (signposting)

Example: We save you money

  • By working closely with our networks & service providers to get you the best deals / promotional discounts etc

  • Creating our database and systems like our memberships to be affordable whilst still giving back more

Example: We provide you solutions

  • By findings and/or creating bespoke solutions to fit individual needs

  • Working with key service providers that give their expertise and skill to always finding right solutions

Examples: How we done this

We reduce the amount of time spent looking for the right person on average 40%

Compare to trawling the Internet looking for the right referral and/or recommendation

I.e. Comparison websites, social media..etc

We save clients on average 55% more money by matching them with the right service providers (matching needs and requirements) always working to recognise the needs of individuals

We provide on average 80% more free solutions that other similar platforms like (most others would always charge for what we give away)

Especially in regards to free consultations

Solutions we provided - I.e tools etc

Time on average we save people

Cost reductions we support and provide

We work closely with individuals to match their needs and requirements

Alway working from the same

Primary questions

What is the individual needs

What is the requirements (deadline etc)

What is the budget or budget requirement

Developing our business to work on the principle of people helping people

Utilising Our Networks, Database and Solutions Thinking

Additional additional features & benefits

  • Genuine collaborations

  • Fast growing networks

  • Reduce time wastage

  • Develop or find new skill sets

  • Lead generating strategies

  • Guided hand approach

  • 5 Year roadmap solutions

  • Free consultations

  • Solutions based thinking

Great Examples

We save individual start-ups countless hours of their time and thousands of pounds in development and research requirements.

By working closely with them from start to finish in the business development ideas, planning step-by-step, providing them the strategies, plans, methods / methodology mentoring / coaching, tools and much more..

Bring it all together in one place

Making use for our networks, products, opportunities and services solutions providers

Reducing the amount of stress and anxiety

Providing a genuine guided head approach to referrals and recommendations, finding or developing opportunities

Making or creating solutions to fit needs

Some of the individuals we helped

Example Rukia Begum

Came to us with just an idea of taking a recipe to the supermarkets-

We provided Rukia step-by-step solutions by personally creating her website assisting to identify additional revenue streams for her product and ideas, helping her to make her first steps into the marketplace

Redefining a simple recipe concept into genuine business ideas

Example Deborah Calendar

Came to us with the love of baking and a passion for decorating amazing cakes..

We help her identify the business model, marketing strategy, creating and developing website and social media platforms, provide regular coaching and mentorship that further assist her to stay on track and make additional revenues from her ideas and passions

Additionally we are always developing ongoing solutions to fit around your budgets, needs and requirements

Example Halima Habde

We first met after Halima after she spent over two years without getting any further with her business ideas, but when she started working with us in less than 2-3 months we helped her identify a clear business plan, strategy, marketing, additional revenues for her ideas, supported her to create her website, social media channels, further outlets for marketing her ambitious business of being one of U.K.'s leading households kitchen brands

We are you still work close to provide additional support and solutions as and when needed to such entrepreneurs

Other Examples - Visit the website

Website links -


What are features and benefits?

Features are aspects of your product, which could be technical or descriptive. Benefits are why that feature matters for your customers. In other words, how that feature makes their life better. Features tell customers what, and benefits tell customers why.


Similar websites to Five Hubs

  • Fiverr

  • Bark

(They don't offer a free consultation to assess needs and requirements)

They don't take a personal interest in the service providers and more importantly the clients/service user.)

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