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Our Introduction ***

I've always struggled with reading and writing, but to the contrary, always had a strong vocabulary.

I find Skill Sets fascinating, and how we all have our own unique abilities, attributes that make up our personality, the fundamental characteristics that create the makeup of, Who We Are.

The journey of this business idea conception started and came to reality, at the point when I could never get past some of my shortcomings.

Bad attributes, the things that bother us all, from time to time.

So it made sense to think long and hard about life and what we all need, not just myself

But fundamentally what do we all have?, that will benefits, enhance, enrich and add value to life.

I came to the conclusion that opinions is what we all have but seldom consider, but frequently neglect. Something that often used by others and often overlooked by ourselves. (more about this platform later)

I didn't want to build just another opinion based website or some marketing research opinion based platform.

But wanted Something Significantly More Useful

Linked to a large network of skills sets and abilities One committed to fine Solutions, to commonly overlooked problems, unemployment, homeless, poverty to name but a few.

We live in a increasingly commercial and expensive society with little room for mistakes, when some appear to have the key to success, whilst others the door to failure.

We have to find ways to equalise the balance

Find more reasonable alternatives.

I understand the necessity to work within a society of varied opinions and mixed values.

People frequently caught up, overlooking the things that matter.

I created Facilitators London Websites (FLW) with a lot of trial and error over the whole of 2018 to 2019

Designed and Implemented the Five Hubs (FH) and Mentorship Enterprise (ME) platforms to compliment and to simplify.

With individual identities, revenues streams, teams with the relevant Skill Sets and commitments, to see all varied elements of the project come to fruition.

It is no easy thing to match aspiration and good intention with commercialism and the necessity to earn a profit and make a business profitable

But we all must do, or try our best.

I am still a long way from the finish line, but on a journey of this nature.

Key partnerships, affiliations, networks, finances, investment commitment and a whole a lot of hours are required.

I have a lot of this covered, but still need to find the best parts.

Partnership, Affiliations and Financial investment.

The right mentors, investor and key partnership,

Can help propel this idea, that if we all pay closer attention to our Skill Sets and natural abilities, our opinions, values and the things that matter.

We can do so much more.

Having the right network and associations

Living up to the adage, it's all about who you know

And all about the network you create.

Help us by being one of our partners and investors

Be the one to help, create, build and maintains

This much-needed socially conscious networking platforms.

Have a look at our platforms and see what I have done so far

Let me know what you think

These platforms are still in the making and I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Created primarily to demonstrate my commitment and ideas.

Also to showcase all our partners and affiliations now and in the future networking potentials.

Or customer acquisitions and revenues relevant to our products and services.

Any information you are not sure of, please do not hesitate to send us an email to or request a callback at the link provided

Always wanted to help and encourage,

But money is usually at the heart of every problem.

Let's build a whole new type of database one that does more for people and their

Skill Sets.

One committed to doing more

Streamlined to make it easy for people, who find it hard.

People who are not tech friendly, time strapped, professional, busy working on life,

or just wanted to do more.

Perfect for someone needing to find or make the right recommendations

We do the legwork acting as the referral

We offer a simply way to do more, finding trusted reliable networks and Solutions.

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