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Planning your marketing budget always starts with estimating your goals.

▫️ Do you want to generate sales?

▫️ Do you want to have a lasting reputation?

▫️ Do you want your customers to get know you better?

There are plenty of marketing tools, but not all of them are suitable for a particular purposes.

💬 Since you have the goal, you can plan the strategy of approaching.

💬 Allocate the key messages that you are going to pass to your target audience. SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE.

Split your instruments into Free & Paid and work out testing methods, in order to see which of them is going to work better.

Allocate the smallest amount of your budget to conduct the tests.

💬 To enhance the results from your investments, generate creative ideas, and create a special offer for your audience that can catch their attention.

When you get the results count the ROI & discover the way that is the most useful for your business.

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