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Professional Videographers & Editors

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Service Description

Working in TV, motion pictures, music videos, sports events and documentaries. The videographer works as part of the production team that creates video products. Videographers must also be able to perform routine video and audio equipment maintenance. As if that isn't enough, they have duties in the field, as well. They can help you with the creation of long-term value for your organisation including customers, markets and relationships. We can help you with: • Maintaining equipment inventory, field, and studio production schedules. • Knowledge of professional audio and/or video tape editing, post-production procedures, techniques, and standards. • Trouble and preventive maintenance reports on video and audio production equipment; assists in repair and upkeep of studio, production sets and properties. • Computer edits video segments on a variety of tape and digital formats. • Shooting, editing and publishing Hugh quality content. This service category listed is classified as a BESPOKE SERVICE Requiring a CONSULTATION (conversation with you) to assess the exact requirements Example: Deadlines - Budget etc Allowing us to give you a more honest quote for any work/is required For more detail about this particulars Products, Opportunities and/or Services Category Please use the BOOK NOW Button To let us know when it is convenient for your to your (free no obligation consultation) With a member of our team Please provide us with your name - email address - best contact number and a brief description of this Service Category and/or any other requirement/s Five Hubs & 3 Platforms 1 Purpose Thank you for your patience whilst we get back to you as quickly as we can

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